Structure of connective tissue
Promote wound healing
Support bone growth

Signs of Deficiency
Decrease bone matrix, stretch mark and poor hair quality in pregnancy, arthrosclerosis development and dry and elasticity lose in skin
(Blackmores, 2012, p. 114-115)

Synergistic Nutrients
Copper, Vitamin D, C and K, manganese, magnesium and zinc (Osiecki, 2010, p. 204).

Average Daily Intake (per day)            20-50 mg
(Blackmores, 2012, p. 114)

 Dietary Sources
All plants particularly in stalks and seed husks, root vegetables and green leafy vegetables, oats, barley, brown rice, wholegrains, bamboo, hosetail, nettles (Blackmores, 2012, p. 114), alpha alpha, Bell’s pepper, mineral water, mussels and raisins (Osiecki, 2010, p. 203)


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